Monday, October 19, 2009

Tomato thief caught red handed!

"I know what's been eating your tomatoes. Can I keep it?" Ladybug's new buddy is a 3 inch long fellow commonly known as a Tomato Hornworm. Together we looked up his name, care, feeding, and relatives. Common sense tells me to destroy the pest, but he will burrow under ground for the winter and emerge mid spring as a gorgeous and rarely seen tomato or hawk moth with a 5 inch wingspan. Beauty like that can share my tomatoes, so he is wintering underground in Ladybug's room.


  1. wheww. I too am at a fence. I don't know which side I would want to be on.

  2. talk to mom about those guys! she used to get paid pretty good to kill them when she was little. I have some good pictures of the california ones.