Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crazy Love

Yesterday the doorbell rang and joy of joys, a package was on the front porch. With excitement I opened Michael Buble' Crazy in Love. I mentioned yesterday how I be bopped around the kitchen, but I thought I'd tell you a bit more about this CD that I am CRAZY IN LOVE with.

The CD opens with a bang, literally. The instrumentals in the first title, Cry me a River are amazing. I have never heard a CD quite like it. Each song comes from a different era, Elvis, 80's, WWII, yet Buble' makes each song new, current, yet timeless. I felt transported to a happy time, a nostalgic time, a love time. I felt love for my sweetie, felt like swing dancing, and crying all at the same time.

All albums have songs that are less than favorites, and this one is no exception, though in this case it is the last two on the disk. The new twist on tracks Stardust and Whatever it takes is just a bit off, almost dissonant. They are still not bad, just average. The rest are exceptional.

At our house, every task needs it's own music accompaniment. There is cleaning music, reading music, background music, party music, romantic music, silly music, listening music. This album fits the bill for cleaning, crafting, cooking, romance, listening, and party music. How versatile is that?

Anyhow, that's my review and I'm sticking to it. Anyone have a current favorite album they want to share with me? Also, what do you use it for . . . meditation, dance, what?


  1. We love the Celtic Women CD's for driving, cleaning, working, relaxing, background, listening--pretty much everything. They are our absolute favorites.

  2. That sounds so great I think I need to get it now. Thanks for the review. As far as my own current favorite album, I don't know. I will tell you however that I have a new favorite song to exercise to and I am almost afraid to tell you what it is. It is not in the genre of music I generally listen to (it's a song my husband bought) and I only listen to it on the ipod (so the kids don't hear). It is Carry On by My Chemical Romance. When I am at the end of my workout and I am struggling to finish, I put this song on and I actually move faster.

  3. That is something I will have to experience.