Thursday, October 22, 2009


Too cold for short sleeves, but I haven't pulled out the winter sweaters yet. I have 22 minutes till I pick up Sunshine. Only twenty two minutes to prove to the world that I was alive and kicking today. I race my sewing machine up the stairs, cut off the heel of two pairs of knee socks, cut off the toe, stitch the hole closed, and cut a slit 1 inch down for my thumb. Ta Da!!!! Warmies!!!! With 5 minutes to go I try one pair on. My mother-in-law stops by. After chatting for a minute she asks, "What are you wearing on your arms?"

"Socks." I reply. "I was cold." Hmmmm. Some people don't appreciate my genius.

Little Mother comes home. "Cool! Man. I want some of those SOOOOO bad."

Well. With appreciation like that, I think I'll give her my purple striped pair.


  1. i havent many winter clothing to keep me warm - and if i did they wouldnt fit me any how . . . what a fabulous way to keep warm otherwise