Monday, September 28, 2009

The Secret Life of Girls

What do little girls think about in the private recesses of their minds? What do their little bodies do? What is their natural state of behavior?

Researchers Briz and Midodi, caretakers of three little girls, have logged in many hours observing, feeding, stimulating and caring for this confusing species.
To discover the secret lives of girls, they took their subjects to a natural habitat to observe them in their natural state with fewer man made distractions. The team picked a double hike that included Twin Lakes and Solitude Lake as the destinations.

The researchers knew just how to set up an effective blind. Upon reaching Twin Lakes, they stretched out on large granite boulders like two over sized lizards soaking in the sunshine.

  1. Little girls have vivid imaginations and can make fun without a single toy.

Twin Lakes became an exotic paradise for two of the munchkins...One little girl washed up from the sea, and lay with sea weed in her hair for the villagers to find her. Pirates attacked, messages were sent in bottles, and treasures (army badges) from long lost loves were found along the shore. The sun tanned the natives till their skin became dark (the better to hide from the pirates).

Another little girl's secret life manifested itself differently. Sequestered on a rock outcropping, she arranged wood in the shallows to trap the small fish that basked in the sunshine. Patiently, patiently, then SCOOP! That small fish was going to feed the villagers! It flopped and squirmed, then fell on the sharp rocks and bled a bit. "I looked down at my CTR ring and knew I had to let it go." Dinner disappeared. Next she found a rusty tin can and used it to capture scuds found hiding under rocks or logs(fresh water shrimp that live in only the cleanest mountain water).

2. After an hour or so uninterrupted in their element, little girls become chatty.

"You know, I'm not that popular at the camp. I'd really like to be a little popular. Not really popular like the prince in Ella Enchanted. All the girls ran at him and that would scare me. I just want to be a little popular. I've thought about how I'd like to do it. A cougar or a bear would charge at you, or someone and I would have my pocket knife. I'd stab him just like this.

It would scratch him, then I'd stab him again. We'd take it home and eat it. You can eat bear you know. Everyone would come up to me and say, you did that? I'd say yah. They'd offer my brownies or a puppy. I'd say, "just the brownies . . . no puppies." You don't want any more pets huh mom. But if they insisted I take the puppy or they'd get mad, I'd take it."

3. Little girls have really sharp eyes for discovery. Little girls are curious and brave.

They discovered tons of moose tracks along the Twin Lakes.

At Lake Solitude, Little Mother found a mine shaft.

We crept on our bellies till the shaft opened up to six feet tall and followed its chiseled walls till we reached the end of the shaft and found water dripping out of the limestone.

4. Little girls are easily influenced for good and to do more than they thought they could do.

our year old sunshine took this very strenuous steep hike, cheered on by the story of the 3 Little Pigs. We told her she was made of bricks, not straw or sticks that blew over at the smallest wind. We explained that it is hard to make a house out of bricks, but it lasts longer.

At each mention of "the brick" as she called herself, she gained new energy and cruised past the forerunner of the hike.

Conclusion: Little girls need parents to take a full day out from their busy schedules to watch them and listen to them, and discover with them. They open like little flowers with time dedicated to them.


  1. i thought, having been a little girl once, i would know all this. i s'pose i have forgotten what its like to be in that mindset. thank you for researching so deeply and sharing . . . now i have a chance with my soon-to-be little girl.

  2. I love the pictures, and as always enjoy the thoughts