Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snowin' Opportunity

"I'll get my bedroom or laundry room done today." I committed to Char.
"I'll get my office done." she replied. "I'll call and check in with you to see how it went."

Seven hours later the phone call came. "I did it!" She exclaimed. "How about you?"

"Didn't happen."

"How could you not get to your room?"

I struggled for an answer. Here is how the day played out.

The first snow of the season demanded that I stop and twirl, open my mouth and let snow chunks melt on my tongue.

We raced barefoot to see who can stand the cold the longest. I lost.

The snow was perfect for molding. Our family gained a new snow friend and dog.

Pots of apples simmed, filling the house with their comforting aroma. They were squashed by hand, seasoned with cinnamon and jarred for the cold months ahead.

A friend had a witches party I missed because Briz was called out. Though I'd love an evening out, it was a great opportunity to take her kids so she could be worry free tonight. We turned it into a party.

The method of choice for Apple Bobbing was to lift one leg and gurgle in the water.

I truly don't know where my day went. It's nine o clock. Everyone is cuddled in blankets in front of Halloween movies. There is still time to get to my room and fulfill my commitment. Char! Just wait! I'll clean my room before I hop into bed!

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  1. I just watched a documentary on the history of apples. I have gained a new appreciation for this wonderful fruit that is so much a part of our lives.