Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22

I was born 38 years ago today. I'm glad of that. It is a perfect time for me to reflect and think about what and who makes my life so worth while. It's the PEOPLE! The lovely ones that inspire, touch, teach and care for me. How can I thank them? I have an idea, a hope to inspire and lift others today.

Sweet husband turned my plans on their head by having some special people express their appreciation for me in written form.

I read. My heart, already warm, becomes gooey. The love and kindness shown to me today enlarges me, makes me quicker to respond to others, more patient with my little people, more appreciative of my sweetie. For one evening, I become what they see in me.

Oh that I could make others feel better their best, the way they have made me feel today. Happy Birthday you silly little girl grown up!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear sweet sister!!!!!!!! i love you and reading these posts of yours and getting into your heart makes the 14+ years between us not seem so distant. i am glad that you had a good birthday!
    i love people and what they can do for us as people as well. i can tell which people are called to be in my life because they give me the desire to be something better - to be who it is they see in me that i cannot. i am so glad that you have those people too; arent they wonderful? i can see that you are loved, as you deserve and should be loved . . .