Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two girls and I have been with our friends at their cabin. Sweet husbands had to work, so while we missed them, it was fun to have a real girl's retreat. We sat on the deck surrounded by woods and mountains, breathed the smell smell of wildflowers, pine, and sap while reading. We poured over the catalog for Education Week and starred potential classes. We solved the world's problems and felt the joy of like minded individuals. We hiked Fish Lake trail with our troopers.
After the worn out little ones fell asleep, the four oldest girls (myself included) practiced the moon walk, played cards ate popcorn, and giggled.

With no time lines or restrictions, the children flopped in front of the TV for many movies. Copious amounts of sand made it down their fronts and hair. Pleased with themselves, they made up a "new game", Annie I Over. Songs were sung (with their imaginary guitars, tennis rackets), battles were fought, with sticks, treasures were found, and friends bonded for a lifetime.I drank in the moment. No worries, no pressures or commitments. Just a couple of days with people I love and am completely comfortable with. Though we did nothing earth-shatteringly memorable, I realize that this moment in time will be a golden one for all of us . . . for life. I was having admiring feelings about my friend and wishing that my children could have such a wonderful mother. It occurred to me that in all this time we spend together, I give them the next best thing. I recall the profound influence my mother's friend and family had on my life and I am so grateful for friends that give my little ones examples, opportunities, and traits that I can't offer.

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