Monday, July 6, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

The flat nosed women at the castle threw a party today. They did not get permission, and like all wild parties it ended poorly.

The housekeeper opened the front door to get the mail. Two large and excited guests waiting on the front porch quite unexplainably pushed past her into the house. The guest with chocolate colored hair would not take no for an answer and determinedly explored the castle without an escort. The younger party comer with black hair got wild pretty quick. He raced around and around the main floor, knocking over plants and leaping off furniture. In his overdone party state, he relieved himself on the wood floor. Their two congested snorty hosts nearly passed out from the excitement. They fussed around not certain whether to run with the wild young man or make the aquaintance of the mature woman wandering the place.

The housekeeper and her small helper raced around after the disruptive guests and finally caught them in their own gluttony over the party food and turned them out of their ear. Two sad ladies stood staring out the window and complained as their new friends left to find another party to crash.

No more wild parties for Ginger and Meoke.

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