Sunday, July 5, 2009

Different kinds of nests and nurturing

Each Sunday we walk different sections of the River. The barn swallows are nesting. They dip and swoop constantly feeding the small young that poke their tiny heads from the mud holes they call home. We stop under the overpass and watch mesmerized the continual dance of survival.

A bit further on, we found another nest, this much larger one made of mud, stones and sticks. Solid as a bunker, it sat ungracefully on a tree junction. The parents flew down to the ground and warned us not to come any nearer.

We compared these with a tiny nest smaller than my little one's palms left abandoned on a bush. "Which nest is better Mom?"

"Which do you think?"

"Well, I like the swallow's nest out of mud because it is cuter and looks warmer."

"I think the nest made out of stones and sticks is better because it will last longer."

"Hmmmm. Which nest do you think the babies like better? Do you think they are better taken care of in one nest or the other?" I had them stumped.

"They probably like their own. Their moms take good care of them."

"Yes sweeties. Think of how you show affection, Ladybug. You make people gifts and lots of nice notes. Little Mother, you are helpful and thoughtful. Sunshine, I love how you give me small back rubs. Your happy disposition when everyone else is grumpy really helps me feel loved. Which of these ways is the best way to show love?"

"I guess there are lots of good ways to nest."

"Yes, little one. There are."

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