Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fish Tales

Filled with fish and fish tales, Briz and Ladybug returned from their adventure. Confidence and happiness radiate from my little one. Two uninterrupted days with her dad and uncle learning new skills in the mountains she loves, gave my little one peace.

They backpacked in to the Joan and Gem lakes high in the Unitas's. Armed with "suffercated" worms, a whistle/emergency kit, and her rod, Ladybug became a proficient fisherman under the tutelage of two of her special men. Her excitement spills out into words.

"I can cast now Mom!" she reported with great pride. Her dad confirms it to be true. Wanting me to understand her weekend but not wanting to talk as usual, she demanded, "Tell mom about the fish with the big head. Now tell her about the fish you dropped. Tell her how you forgot your long pants too after you got mad at me. Mom, you would love this place. The fish tastes like cantaloupe or candy."

"You wouldn't believe our backpacker." Her father reported. "She outdid both of us up the mountain."

I look over. The exhausted backpacker has fallen asleep as we talk. Needs were met by two unselfish men. Peace once again reigns in our home.


  1. how rewarding . . . cantaloupe flavored fish . . . wow
    what a fisher/hiker young woman! kudos to her and yayy for dad and uncle for their assistance!

  2. Man, you guys have been busy! Looks like she had a fantastic time! What a neat experience.
    I love the candy playdough, I will have try that. Where did you go to find your jungle--looks like a grand adventure!