Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Play

Exhausted, I crept upstairs for a quick nap. The children were playing at the neighbors and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Deep into blissful sleep, I was awakened by a pounding. "Mom, you've slept for HOURS. It's time to get up. We have a surprise for you."

"Just let me have a moment guys. I need to get up slowly." The bed means everything to me at times like this. They return. "One more minute!" I beg. "I can't get up like this! I need time."

They are back. "Now Mom." They flip open my covers. Each grabs a foot and they haul me off my bed. I am so clever. I grab a decorative pillow from the floor and snuggle up with it. "Not yet!" I wail. "Give me time!" They stomp out in complete indignation.

Reluctantly I open my eyes and crawl down the stairs. My way is barred by handmade chains, balloons and other pieces of decoration.
"This way." My torturers lead me to my table, which is complete with party attire and ambiance. "Now for the show."

I watch three plays in which I am the recipient of a gift. I eat my snacks. I watch as little fingers do the final drum roll where they will present me with my annoyed cat hiding under a garbage can. I clap enthusiastically. I am fully awake now and quite touched.I ask you, Where else could I go for such personalized love?

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