Friday, July 10, 2009


"Mom, What is this? I found it under our porch!" Little Mother's big eyes showed the shock she was feeling. A little while later, "Sweetheart? Do you know where this came from?" My family is shocked by my uncharacteristic behavior. But retribution is an insidious thing. It leads us to acts we feel we must explain, even to an unknown store clerk. I justified, "the unfeeling creatures have eaten my hollyhocks, devoured my petunias, and left unsightly holes in my Swiss Chard and Basil. I am determined to have justice.

Under the full moon, I crept out in my pajamas and laid out a party for my unwelcome guests. I dug small holes throughout the yard to anchor my pie tins. I gagged with the smell as I filled each watering hole with Miller Premium Beer. The party goers were quiet that night, I slept quite well while lured by their weakness and greed, my nemesis es became quite drunk. By morning, some had drown in the beer, others lay so drunk that the early morning birds made a feast of the "sluggish" treats.
I still feel bad as I dispose of them. I understand quite well how one can be lured. I am not attracted by beer, but by a 6,000 square foot short sell home with inlaid marble starbursts inlaid in knotty wood floors, master closets each larger than my children's rooms, a pantry to get lost in, and a creek running through the back yard. Lured by my greed, I could destroy myself by making an unwise choice to posses my lure. We can all be destroyed by different things. I take a healthy dose of gratitude. It cures what ails me.


  1. wow . . . what deep insight. fabulous lesson.

  2. I love this one. - Rebecca