Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun Tips

Usually I provide the fun. To stop the incessant "where are we now", and "when will we get there, I make a time line of various cities we hit before we reach our destination. When someone spies the sign, they take off the post it note and call for the next special activity or treat out of my magic carpet bag. This time we had Mrs. Piggle Wiggle (to be read by moi), granola bars, an old Disney movies we'd never seen, a puzzle, art supplies, and a stop for fresh cherries and rosemary cheese curd at The Red Barn.

This trip, I deviated a bit from my normal pattern and participated more than usual in the fun. I surprised my family with spray guns right to the tushies before handing them over. Instead of watching Briz play whale underwater, I joined the melee by floating peacefully on my inner tube. I flushed the roadrunners out on our hike for my little ones to see and sat by myself to enjoy the peace of morning dessert noises. At the playground, I spun, twisted, climbed and got a major burn down the slide.
"You're really having fun aren't you Mom." little ones said over and over. They noticed the difference! I noticed the difference in my attitude and theirs toward me as I joined in the fun instead of providing then watching. Hey! I wanna have fun too! I didn't realize it but they like me better when I am more than the encouraging observer!

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