Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Do you ever feel like your responsibilities keep you from creating, from creativity? Do you ever feel blocked? I sometimes feel guilt that taking time away from my number one most important job would be selfish. I drank in this talk from a man that really knows women. I gave myself permission to create, to change my surroundings. My it feels good to experiment, to let loose to create beauty where none existed before.

My laminate counter tops are ugly. I cannot afford granite so I jumped when I read the hundreds of online accounts that detail how to paint laminate counter tops. I started with the worst two, one green and one pink, and experimented with different techniques. Next I'll move to the laundry room, the main floor bath, and finally, the BIG KAHUNA, the kitchen. I discovered many things that don't work so well, but I am not discouraged, they look better than they did and I HAD FUN creating. So it's not perfect. But it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Kid's Bath Before
Kid's Bath After with rock surface
Basement BeforeBasement After with marble type finish

God creates, granted, he's beyond painting laminate. He's really good at it. I want to be like him. Tomorrow I'm going to create with my little ones. We are going to continue our team theme from the dinner blog. How can you make the world a bit more beautiful today? Start by creating a smile on the next person you see.


  1. Incredible! Thanks! I forgot how much I love that talk.

  2. fabulous! your counter tops are beautiful . . . i cant wait to see them in person!
    pres uchdorfs talk made me teary eyed . . . maybe its being pregnant that did it to me