Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Howt Cookies

Sunshine had her heart set on "howt" cookies today.  I obliged and in our matching aprons, we creamed, measured and added.  Just before bed, I set the timer for 7 minutes for them to decorate and eat all the cookies they could.  Is this a great idea to stuff with sugar right before bed?  No.  But it is fun.  Little Mother was having an attitude problem and chose not to join us.  I wrapped the rest of the dough in plastic wrap and sealed up the frosting for another time.  "I know what yow saving the cookies for Mom.  Elisabeth Day.  She said she was definitly going to have a cookie day with us when the snow stopped.  It's stopped."  These few, Elisabeth are for you. 


  1. Oh, that is too sweet- A huge Thank You. I am racking my brain for an excuse to drive over the mountains.

  2. I am sorry little mother had a rough evening.

  3. oh dear . . . what a sweet thought from yow little one! howt cookies awe my favowite! maybe i should make my own batch. mmm