Friday, January 15, 2010

Parental Excercise

I putter in the kitchen and watch amazed as my three little butterflys flutter around their father like moths to a flame.  They cannot pull themselves away.  Their voices raise in animated excitement as they manuver and position themselves around and around the object of their affections.

I work.  I clean.  I put away.  They play.  They laugh.  They bond.  I remind myself that it isn't a popularity contest.  That Briz and I are a team.  That his popularity is good for us as a team. I remember that someone must do the work so others can enjoy themselves.  Plus, I am unable to offer his kind of fun.


Tonight, he has invented a new kind of excercise.  Triceps get a workout with several sets of the "Sunshine Dip".

 The bench press has nothing on the "Little Mother Press".  The extra wiggles and floppy bodies must produce extra strength.

  Finally, Ladybug Push Ups give a real burn. 

Parenthood is quite a workout.  And I thought he was not a great multi-tasker.

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