Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Jobs

It was a good week for Sunshine.  She had her favorite job, laundry.  Each child has a reason they love a week of laundry.  Little Mother loves to iron.  It makes her feel so grown up.  Ladybug likes to clean out the litter box and organize the crafts.  She finds more junk she can collect.   But Sunshine likes to "swim."  

Each load is painstakingly sorted and placed in the washer.  Then clothes are rolled up or completely removed as she begins using her feet in her own sloshing cleaning method.  

Many months ago, Briz walked in on her  sloshing away in her panties.  He marched in to me.  "Do you know what your daughter is doing in there?"  "Yes."  I replied.  "Aren't you going to do something about it?"  "No.  This is how she washes the clothes.  When she gets tired, she turns the agitator on."  He rolled his eyes and walked out.  Luckily, I have a husband who tolerates my sometimes lax parenting.  

I am so happy she gets happy goosebumps at the thought of doing laundry, and I'm not ready to take that away just yet.  In fact, I hope when she's my age and shoveling in load after load, she takes off her shoes and tips her toes in.  Perhaps she'll roll up a pant leg and do a little slosh.  If that helps bless her family.  I say, "GOD BLESS IT!"  then I creep into the bathroom, shut the door and spray Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Aromatherapeutic Household Cleaner in Basil scent anywhere and everywhere so I can smell it.  When there are no more places to wipe, I sneak into the childrens bathrooms they are supposed to clean and spray some more. 

I like sniffing.  Sunshine likes squishing.  I'm okay with that.   


  1. what a cute little family! i can see her at thirty years of age rolling up the pant legs and, with her beautiful smile, do her own family's cleaning!

  2. I think all cleaning tasks would be more enjoyable Sunshines way! She is a cutie!

  3. David O' McKay Said
    " Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that power to work is a blessing, that the love of work is a success"

    I bet if more of us could love our work like "Sunshine" we'd have much more Success...