Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Shoveled Driveway

After two nights on 2 hours of sleep, it is understandable that I did not get up bright and early to help the morning run smoothly.  So, we left the house in a flurried rush with me barking like a sergeant.  The garage door raised as I ordered all to their places.  I looked down on our uphill north facing driveway to see that it had just been shoveled of the freshly fallen snow.  Across the street I saw my beloved neighbors, the Wilsons, finishing up another neighbor's drive as well.  

This would be a welcome good deed from anyone, but, I couldn't  help but remember that he is in his early 80's and she her late 70's.  

We all rolled down our windows and screamed "We LOVE you!!!"  as we passed.  Somehow my day had changed.    I thought of the countless journeys across the street their feet have made to bring extra produce or a pumpkin for each child.  I thought of the cookies always available to each of my children and the late night phone calls to let us know our garage door was still up.  I thought of the times they have seen me struggling with a load too heavy, or the time I tried to hang shelves by myself when they dropped all they were doing to come over.  

They both still work due to financial set backs.  In fact, they work long and hard.  They always have someone living with them.  First it was three sisters from the Navaho Indian Reservation, then one child's family who had lost their house, now another son, fresh from a divorce.  Their lives are full to overflowing.  How do they have time for me?  What has their 70-80 years given them to make them so adorable and so out-reaching?  

I feel silly going back to bed after the car pool.  There is something highly motivating and very humbling about being served by someone you should be serving.    

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  1. yayy! i LOVE the wilsons! how are they? they are too so adorable!could you tell them hello for me? or better yet could you give me their address so i might send them something?