Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Empty Square

The beauty of an empty square on the calender is hard to describe to some.  I have been euphoric, energized and calmed all at the same time by this marvelous little square.  No meetings.  No children activities to chaufer, no demands on my time unless I place them there.

I offer to tend a friend's child so she can prepare for a luncheon.  I shampoo the carpets.  I read, ponder and pray.  I read stories to a little one.  I condition the leather.  I sneak into a child's room to perform a secret act of kindness.  I switch the laundry, and take out the garbage.

Perhaps this would not be everyone's ideal day, but I got to choose today!  Somehow focusing on all the home making tasks that need to be done is theraputic.  I ponder on life, improvements to make, and blessings.  I would be sad if every square on my filled up calender was blank.  But one delicious square is to be savored like a treasured See's Nut and Nougat Bar.

1 comment:

  1. I like that. It is very fitting and rings in my heart with truth. I think of you and send my love.