Friday, December 4, 2009

Love Gifts

Love gifts are a favorite family tradition. Each person has to make a gift for another family member. Due to the age of my children, I end up doing a majority of the work for three to four of the gifts. Some years like this one when schedules are particularly tough, I think of it and cringe then think it won't matter if we skip it this year.

But, each Christmas Eve as these gifts are lovingly given and opened, I marvel that these are the gifts most looked forward to, and most lovingly received. Nothing we do brings the spirit of giving and of Christmas stronger to our little family. Love fairly bursts out of each little one as they give and receive of someones effort.

I try to combine each gift with a skill teaching session. Last year, Little Mother learned to use the sewing machine, and Ladybug used the nifty knitter. Friday was dedicated to two little Sweeties and their love gifts.

Ladybug and I started at 10:00 a.m. on a painting for Briz. Sadly, I am not an artist, so I have had a steep learning curve on brushes, canvas, turpentine, preparation, etc. We have matching easels and paints, so side by side, I tried to teach about a subject I know only by instinct. Four beautiful bonding hours later, she produced a painting she is thrilled to give. We talked of the painting room she'd have in her home, of all the paintings she wanted to make and give to those she loves.

Sunshine wanted to join in our fun, so we set her up at the kitchen table and she mixed and painted, though she made ten to our one. Then after Ladybug went to Tae Kwon Do, Sunshine and I created a gift for her. I allowed the little one to make all the designs, yet I know how picky Ladybug is, so to keep her from hurting Sunshine's feelings, I fixed a few crooked lines and thickened mistakes, after the fact.

Now, if I can just find time to work on my love gift for Sunshine.

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  1. there are definately things worth the time and effort