Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Programing the Christmas Spirit

 Finally, after weeks of straining for peace and joy, I feel the Christmas spirit.  Perhaps it is because it is peaceful... and freeing to be finished with all the Christmas programs.   But I suspect it has more to do with the programs themselves.  Odd.  Because none of them were knock your socks off good.  In fact, the middle schoolers and 4th-6th graders had as many tone deaf participants as those who could barely carry a tune.  No.  We wouldn't win any awards for tone or melodiousness.  In fact, Briz giggled, "You weren't kidding when you said you teach a lot of tone deaf kids".  So, why am I so happy with the two day marathon of Christmas skits/ musicals and programs?

I think it had something to do with the kids excitement after each performance.  They bounced, they danced, they crowed.  "Didn't we rock Miss Midodi?"  "Man, that was a kick butt performance!"  As I hugged each one,looked in their eyes and complimented them, they practically burst with pleasure.  After fighting two of the groups for 2 months to learn the songs and acting, their pride and excitement was doubly fun.

Each of the 1st -3rd graders shared with their parents their Christmas wish.  Many were for the homeless.  One was for his Dad to get well, Another was to see his brother again. Parents teared up in the audience, then held their babies tight after.

Stirrings of the soul were felt by the older children as well.  Savanah wandered around with a peaceful happy look on her face and followed me like a puppy dog.  "I had to keep from crying when I sang those songs.  I just wanted to sing and sing.  I've never felt this way before."  Victoria wondered, "Miss Midodi, I love to sing.  I think I'm good at it but my jaw hurts.  Has this happened to you?  I think I'm smiling too much."  Caden suddenly became extra solicitous.  "You don't have a coat Miss Midodi.  Let me get my moms.  Let me carry all your stuff to your car.  Which door can I open for you?" 

I admit, I love the adoration.  But, I think their adoration was caused because they felt the Christmas spirit, Christ's spirit, and felt so full of love that it spilled out on the nearest target, me.

Being the conduit that helped them feel all these amazing emotions brought me joy as well.  In moments like these, I forget the hours of preparation, rehearsal, pulling teeth, behavior problems and my own insecurities.  Like them, I'm ready to do it again... Almost.


  1. Luckily it'll be another year before another Christmas program but I like to think it would be nice to celebrate like this twice a year.

  2. Awesome post. Your talents and goodness inspire me. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. what beautiful awesomeness! im so glad that at the end of the story there was a moral to it all. i know you have a way with children - yet i know CHRISTmas played its part