Saturday, November 28, 2009

Twilight Zone

Summoned for a puppet show, we watched as Ladybug announced then ran concessions, and Little Mother played all the parts. The drama began with two wild cats, Briz and Midodi. They met, kissed, with great sound effects, and decided to have children. One grunt at a time, two little girl animals popped out of Midodi like magic. Briz lion asked Midodi tiger for one more since the ones they had were so cute. She replied, "I don't know if I can. It will be really hard, but I'll try for one more." After numerous grunts, one more animal popped out of Midodi. "Well, now our life is over. I guess we'll just take care of our kids." One more show stopping smooch and the curtains closed.

We tried to keep straight faces as we listened to our little ones. Is this how they viewed our lives? I guess they are not alone. Movies about the tired but happy homemaker and the steady working dad, don't sell too many seats.

Yesterday, my Mother-in-Law took me to New Moon while my Father-in-Law tended the kids. Every 20 minutes, a new showing started in another theatre. I admit, except for the silly depression scenes and the foolish behavior of Bella, I enjoyed my two hour escape into vampire/werewolf land.

As we exited I listened. "I am in love with Jacob. Have you ever seen such a build? Why don't they make men like that? Did you see the way Edward looked at Bella? That can't be acting. It's not you know. They are an item. Oh, to have someone look at me like that. Did you see the way they protected her?"

I admit. Jacob's gentle eyes and beautiful build were lovely. It was fabulous to watch Edward and Jacob give all for their love. BUT. Jacob's sixteen year old eyes have nothing on my long lashed Briz. His physique can't beat the one I married 19 years ago.

Edward may fight the Volturi for Bella, but my sweetie gets up every morning and goes to work, fighting all sorts of bad things, so I can stay home and raise children we brought into this union through love. All this when he would much rather stay home.

This morning, as we spooned, I heard three wild things squealing in the front room. They were taking full advantage of the mess from last nights decorating revel. Sisters were smashed inside boxes, ornaments were squashed underfoot, tablecloths made forts. "We'd better get up." Briz finally commented. "I can't face it today. I'm staying in bed."


I heard his calm voice organize the troops. "Sweep this up. Calm down. Have you done your bedroom yet?"

I stayed in my room till 10:28 when I was fully ready to face my demons.

It may not have been the Volturi, but no sacrifice, no bravery would have meant more to me at that moment than his defense of me against what I could not face myself.

Is my life over? Perhaps in some ways. Ways that I chose. But I don't envy Bella anything. Men are just as romantic as in the movies. You just have to look at the scenes a little differently. Just because he lost his hair and fights in different ways doesn't make my hero any less exciting to me.

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  1. Your kids are awesome! You and Briz are too. The other night Ella was being afraid of Werewolves. I told her not to be scared of them because a lot of girls actually think they are cute and want to go on dates with them. It seemed to work, hopefully I didn't just turn her into a Twilight nut though.