Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I believe in Faries, I do. I do.

They say kelp grows 2 feet a day, and that you can actually watch it grow.  I've been still, watched the kelp, and wondered at its change and miraculous cell growth.  

More astonishing is the rate of growth in children. Look once.  They are helpless clingers. Look again.  They are fearless discoverers, discerning waste, dirt, or goodies.   Another turn ...  They live in a world of fantasy, and faith is the natural state.  Turn quickly . . . they believe they are invincible, they are ready to conquer.  Turn again... they are gone for daily viewing, leaving only scuffed furniture, scratched DVDs, and cement hard boogars on the wall.

I wanted to record a moment in their growth . . . not their smile at this age or their hair style at that age, but something deeper. I want to capture something only hinted at on the surface, that only the eyes of love could see.  

Photographer Becca Nae had the eyes to see what I do and the skill to preserve it for me.

I see faith as their natural state, dreams as a matter of course, and magic the way of the world.  

Poised between childhood and womanhood, I see my Ladybug's spirit, normally disguised by Asperger's syndrome, looking out in love, joy, and hope.  I am awe struck by the beauty of her soul.

I see my Little Mother,born old into this world, capably carrying burdens too small for her years, looking for approval of her tremendous work.  And dreaming of what her future holds.  

I see my cherub getting ready to bloom and blossom.  

I see her trust that life is meant to be full and joyful.   

When I turn again, my children, like the sea kelp, will have changed almost beyond recognition.  But I will know better.  I will know that behind that sullen look or disheartened sigh is faith and magic if I look hard enough to find it.  How do I know it will survive?  Well, it's still somewhere in me.  

When I am old and bone weary, they will remind me of their superior knowledge that miracles are always present where there is faith, love, and hope. 


  1. ****OHHH MY GOSH MIDODI******
    SOOOO GORGEOUS!! Absolutely, drop dead gorgeous!! Job WELL DONE. You really will treasure those pics forevermore. no doubt.
    I had "looked" at the pics on xmas day after she opened them...but kept getting distracted, and I guess I didnt pick up all of them, and truly look at the details...what a great post, as always. But those pictures....are FABULOUS.
    The one of bug is amazing, and little half pint does NOT look like the baby of the family....she is sooooo grown up in the picture. WELL DONE.
    **LOVE** the "BIG" sisterinlaw.

  2. what beauty that goes beyond the eyes! i only hope that i can have such insights as this when my vy is going through those moments to have sullen looks or disheartened sighs. this is how Heavenly Father sees us all and sees through the Asperger's, or past burdens, age, and hardships of every kind! what is beyond recognition for us is back into focus for Him. oh, if i had those eyes!

  3. I love the pictures so much. Not to mention your wonderful writing skills. You have a way of reaching right into one's soul.
    My boys also really loved the pictures and Andrew wants to know "How Anika did Magic!" and "Were they inside or outside?" and "Are those REAL pictures?"


  4. Loved the pictures... so did my girls... Jeremy loved the one of little Rose.