Monday, December 21, 2009

Proud Big Sister

I popped in to see my baby sister Ivy on the way home from California.  She's a mommy now.  To a beautiful little fuzzball who is patient and perfect.  She runs a home now.  She takes joy in keeping it clean and running.  She has a husband now.  He glows.  She must be good for him.  I, the big sister, couldn't be prouder. 

While I enjoyed Vylette, my girls discovered why they call it Thousand Oaks with Uncle Kyle and Briz.  Then we all came back to admire and maybe fight a bit over the little one.   

My little niece left her mark on my chin.  I walked into the gas station restroom to find an enormous blackish blue hickey on my chin.  I had proof of her love for days.  


  1. ha ha to you for sticking a baby on your chin. I hear that Vy is a good eater.

  2. you know - come to think of it i saw the beginnings of her mark as we were bathing her and talking afterward. hehe . . . he
    we were talking and you had a light violet line on your chin, but i thought nothing of it. i dont know . . .
    but it was so wonderful to have you stop by! its exciting when people come over - specially my sister! im so glad you approve of my home, how im running it, and vylette! i feel pretty good about life and how its going.
    i havent been to the reservoir yet :( im glad your kids+hubby enjoyed it!
    merry christmas! i love you!

  3. what a cutie! I want a turn to hold the little one! :)