Sunday, December 20, 2009


Frightening, dizzying winter storm drive. I trust my Briz-bear and sleep in the car for maybe the second time in our nineteen year marriage.

Children are enamoured with a boat THAT big.

Enjoyed the little luxuries a cruise ship offers.

My children and the Bodilys at our table were given medals for being the best behaved children in the dinning room. HILARIOUS!!!!!
Loved the private time I spent with each little one. Whether in Ensenada at a taco bar where the meat was too hot,

over hot cocoa late at night in the Paris Dining area,

or watching fish in Catalina in a submarine.

Impatiently shivered as my sweetie snorkeled in 58 degree water, bringing his treasures occasionally to the shore for my approval.
Giggled with my husband because we paid $15+ a person to go see Ensenada's claim to fame, the Blowhole at its finest. It was pitiful. Nothing to do but laugh.

"Is that IT Mom? Is that all it does?"

I renewed my faith in my animal calling abilities when on the last day at sea, without spotting any sea life, I called out to the sea and begged the dolphins to come see me.

Within ten minutes, the pod after dolphin pod leapt up next to the ship, followed by a gray whale migrating. Briz was glued to the deck to watch their graceful show but was frustrated that his wife still believes she can talk with and summon animals.

Basked in the golden ball of fire that popped out of the sea each morning and the line of fire that sent me to bed.
Kept my husband from punching desperate salespeople,Taught my children the finer arts of price negotiation and vendor avoidance, and taught them when we pay more than an item is worth as a way to give as we ran the gauntlet through a "swap meet."
My favorite thing was the people. Black, yellow, brown... over 50 different nationalities were on the boat at the same time. We smiled, helped, chatted, teased, and annoyed each other. But mostly, I experienced the joy that comes from really seeing someone. Seeing them as a person, not as a race or a preconceived notion. I loved watching all the different people. Most of all, I loved the Bodilys. They were our table mates. I fell in love with the entire family and wanted to bring them home with me. With children in camp on the last night, we curled up on window seats and they shared some of their stories with us. How truly providential that I was placed in their path or vice versa. I am a better person for knowing them for a few days.

Struggled with the REALLY close quarters of housing 5 people in an 8x10 cabin, but felt that the goal of improving family relationships and making memories was accomplished nonetheless.

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  1. Looks familiar! Wish we went with you- would've been fun.