Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taste of the Ozarks

We had so much fun with cousins we decided to bring Ozark flavored cousins home with us.

Once everyone learned the songs from Hairspray, we rocked, clapped, and grooved our way in the car. 525,600 minutes was a groovin' movin' favorite. Becca rocked out like Stevie Wonder, closed eyes and all. When we started to smell each other and giggle too hard in the car, we stopped to swim.

Briz is the perfect swimming companion. He teases, teaches, and plays with the girls.

Somewhere along the line I've obtained the important job of sitting under the umberella, taking photographs, escorting buddies to the bathroom, and warming with towels. Very rarely I go on strike. Today was one of those days where the fun looked better than my poolside job. "Oh my gosh!!!!! Guys Look! My Mom's comming in!" they squealed as if they'd spotted their favorite High School Musical star. I made my pool debut with a splash!

Brina says I made a bigger cannonball splash than Briz. So there!!!

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  1. and here I thought i'd have an extra day with them. lucky you!