Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We drove through the giant redwoods to the "Raisin Capital of the World", just as the grapes were drying on their little papers down rows and rows of vines.

Family awaited.

All of us were together . . . its been years and years and years. It was so inspiring to be with such a fun group, each family was so unique and has such amazing strengths.

Elisabeth was our resident fun planner, teaching songs, painting rocks and blowing bubbles.

I nearly split a gut laughing when Mom and Dad, MY MOM and DAD, gave a puppet story about the coyote and the grasses. When she said "fart" I thought I must have misheard. Then she began the flatulent noises and I couldn't stand it. I laughed till my bladder leaked.

Ladybug helped her cousins find things . . . endangered toads, lizards and birds. Birds? Yes. She says she sneaks up on them at night while they are sleeping and shines the flashlight on them and grabs them. After we admire, she lets them go.

The inevitable family picture was somewhat painful...if one turns out without anyone screaming or closing their eyes it will rival crossing the red sea.

We had to leave too soon. We will miss ALL our family. XOXOXOXO!

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  1. It was a wonderous time together. I do think we all grew just a little closer.