Thursday, September 10, 2009


We walked the gardens for inspiration. Check out the use of parsley and cilantro for greenery in the midst of the flowers. It is a perfect mix of form and function.

Artists dot the landscape, capturing with paint and brush what we captured in cameras and our imaginations.

Their vision . . .

Our vision . . .

Enamored with both art and the artists, my little women stood, watched, and admired. "I'm a great artist." Little Mother confided. "We love art too." Brina and Becca added."

A white haired grandma counseled, "My friends ask how I do all these things. I tell them the difference between us is that I just do it and they think they can't." She took our address while blowing her nose (allergy to oil paints) and invited us to an art showing. She especially wanted to invite my confident and flattering artistic sweeties.

We returned home, inspired by the beauty of the gardens, and warmed by the encouragement of the artisans. What to do next? Paint of course!!

The afternoon was spent creating masterpieces and discussing our future travels. Becca and Little mother plan on traveling to England and France to see gardens , and Maine to get lobster and crab, and Missouri . . . Brina just wants to sit in Missouri and be a hillbilly.