Saturday, September 19, 2009

Perfect Moments

Five nights of little sleep have left my mind blurry and my face gray and heavy. After a day of soccer, team pictures, weeding, mowing, "encouraging" girls to do their chores, and weekly shopping, We walked to our gym for a little swim.

The outdoor pool opened unexpectedly just for us (it seemed) and I plopped onto a chair under an umbrella with my legs propped on another for comfort. After awhile I noticed that my three dare devils had relocated. They were waggling their toes in their Daddy's lap lane, cheering him on, touching him as he turned, and yelling encouragement.

Eventually, he submitted to his adoring fans. He leaped into the child allowed area of the pool and was swarmed. He held one little leach in each arm while another clutched his back. The sun hit them from the behind, illuminating them with gold and lighting their laughter. He tossed, gave rides on his back under the water, twirled and taught them. They couldn't stay away.

I saw my husband with their eyes and 20 years fell away. He was confident, strong, fun, charismatic, safe, and completely trustworthy. Through my girls, I fell in love, all over again. Just like them, how could I resist him?

I gathered up the towels, goggles, shoes, bags . . . and followed my four out the gates. Music beat, and my gold outlined wild ones bopped. No ladylike graceful exits here. They cranked their hips, writhed and wiggled in completely un-hip yet unique movements that exuded their love of the music to the world of sedate sunbathers.

My body and mind no longer felt the exhaustion of the week. "A truly golden afternoon" I thought.

There are not always fireworks. They come, go, and come again. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, a perfect family or a perfect life, just perfect moments.

I add this moment to my bouquet
. Placed together, each perfect moment makes the fragrant and heart warming bouquet of my life. God gives each of us a limited number of days. . . . .of moments. I don't want miss a single one, take one for granted, because MY! there is such beauty, and it all goes by so fast.


  1. Beautiful post. I love reading your blog. It helps me remember why I do what I do. I am actually big into "moments" as well. I talk about it a lot with Zack b/c as a mom, I never ever have a perfect day, just perfect moments that punctuate my otherwise chaotic life. You are quite lovely. I hope to meet you someday. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures and writing. Thanks!