Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sun Dried Tomatos

The weather is cool, just enough that lying in the grass is a luxury. The skies are a deep blue, as if to make up for the foliage that is browning. These signs hint of season change, and remind me to run, roll and play and save a bit of sunshine in the soul for winter.

Centuries before canning was invented, Italians laid their tomatoes to dry in the sun, caramelizing their sweetness for use in sauces, pesto, and meat during the cool season.

Chef Tess
showed me how easy it is to make sun dried tomatoes... and I am so excited to try something new!

Tomato slices sat in the dehydrator for about 1 day, then turned for an even tan, and gently pressed with a spatula. 8 pints of fresh tomatoes fit into 1 pint jar! Covered with extra virgin olive oil and sharing space with a sprig of rosemary, they will sit in my fridge for months, or my freezer for a year. The oil will taste great on pasta, or pesto!

"Sun . . .abundance . . . laughter . . . bare feet." The jar whispers to me. I take a bite. It explodes with sunshine!


  1. I may need to try this. I bought a dehydrator last year and should probably use it. Is there a recipe?

  2. For not canning you sure get alot acomplished.