Monday, June 1, 2009


The first day with everyone home from school deserved a celebration. We went to the zoo. We raved about the baby black foot cat and watched the baby Columbus monkeys roll around together. It was a grand experience to witness nature.

The castle zoo, however, proved more fascinating. Meoke could not figure out if she wanted to play, herd, or chase Peeper. She ended up trying all three and was beat up by a duckling for her trouble.

Children and animals... people and animals. They fascinate us, and hold us captive. Watching an elephant documentary last night, the brilliant scientist, noted that elephants were much more intelligent than previously thought and one almost could conclude that they were sentient beings with souls. Briz was moved my the speech. I wondered which university gave degrees to such morons. Did it take the full Ph.d to figure out that animals can think or that they have souls? Heaven help us and the animals they are trying to protect.



    Some of the same people who say animals don't have souls. They have emotions & souls. They also know another dog when they see it on tv contrary to what alot of people believe. Dundee even barks at the cartoon dogs when he sees them & loves to watch sled dogs on tv. There are alot of people out there who only see the scientific side of everything & not getting the whole picture. They really need to start seeing more outside of the box than they do. If there is not positive scientific proof then it doesn't exist.