Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tae Kwon Do

Impulsiveness has always been my downfall or strength. I don't know which. On the way to pick up Brie and Mangoes, I passed a new studio lined with trophies, and pasted with pictures of a young Korean man doing impossible things with an ancient master. Briz has mentioned for years that martial arts should be mandatory for his girls so I walked in and asked for some information. I left 45 minutes later in a dreamlike state that had me convinced I had been in Karate Kid and talked with Mr. Miagi. I was thrilled by his quiet insistence in respect, focus, discipline, and goal setting and the results I saw in his students.

The next day I brought my two little ones to try out with Master Kwon. Sunshine longed to join in so she bowed and asked the master if she might participate. They jumped they punched, they yelled, they bowed, they ran, and they kicked.

Three girls simply radiated joy and light. Master Kwon met with Briz and I to give us the results of his assessment. "Sunshine is strong, very strong. She has focus and discipline. For her age, she is by far the best. She is the best student I have so far here. Ladybug has focus, eager to please and will be at a high level for any athlete. Little Mother's attention wanders. Maybe it will be fixed by age or maturity, but I will train her as well."

Little princesses walked out with white uniforms tied with a white belt. They bowed over and over. Thank you mom for signing us up. "I'm going to eat more healthy. I'm going to do push ups every night to get stronger. I have to fold my uniform neatly to show respect." They have an assignment to memorize.

  1. I pay attention to details.
  2. I sit up straight at my desk.
  3. When we practice with targets I take my time and look before I kick.
  4. When I practice I put all my energy and effort into my techniques.
  5. I make eye contact with people who are talking to me.
  6. I keep the television off when I do my homework.
  7. I keep my hands up and look straight when I practice kicking drills with a partner.
  8. I listen and watch carefully when other students demonstrate their moves.
  9. I listen carefully in school so my teacher doesn't have to repeat directions.
I am floored my my daughters' interest. What is so alluring about Tae Kwan Do? Why are they so excited? I understand dance, ice skating, gymnastics. But never have I seen them so radiantly happy. He made them promise not to hit or kick each other anywhere outside the studio. This alone could be worth they money. HiiiiiAh!


  1. I had no idea that Tae Kwan Do taught so many life skills. What a great opportunity for children.

  2. what a very respectful/honorable thing to sign your girls up for! i am quite impressed! i cant wait to see what they learn . . .