Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Creation

I dropped into visit my aunts with my mother and was, as always, inspired by their creativity. Note the attention to detail in this bathroom.

Even the stick curtain rod adds to the message, "You are in a mountain cabin." Quite fun really. I wanted to stay and admire her projects all day.

It caused me to reflect on the art of designing our surroundings. I read somewhere that "We create our surroundings then our surroundings create us." I love this thought. We design a room or funiture arrangement, but then our design works long after the fact, encouraging conversation or TV watching. We create the feel that is homey or elegant and then the interior trains those who enter ... this is a hands off place or a place to put your feet up and relax.

With this in mind, I used my exchange money at TJ Max to add refresh the sofas in my family room. I am thinking, colorful, casual, movement oriented, but just enough. I still want to sit down.

This map picture for my study is to stimulate the imagination - for me it signals exploration, new things to discover and learn, new places to visit.

Happily, these small purchases once in a long while, perk my surroundings up just enough. Someday, I may have a home like one of my amazing aunts where every detail is perfect, but for now, a piece here and there is enough to fill me with gratitude for beautiful surroundings and help me feel like I am creating more than a covering from the elements, a home.

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