Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The girls and I discussed it.

For always fixing the hurts I can't bear to look at.
For sports instruction that gives them "the edge"
For ALWAYS being there ... for everything.
For coaching soccer when you didn't volunteer.
For laying outside doors when bedtime gets too wild,
For appreciating snakes, spiders, and other catches,
For coming home, plopping on your throne and announcing, "It's good to be the king."
For fixing bikes, over and over and over.
For pushing girls to their limits.
For including them in your annual "boy's week hunt"
For swimming underwater like a whale with little ones clutching your back.
For late night "snuggles" with any who ask.
For getting up late at night when you hear the cry, "Dad!"
For leaping out of bed when you hear the slightest noise to protect your family.
For sleeping under the stars with your girls,
For admiring our twirly skirts, our curls, and our polished nails,
For getting out of bed each and every day to provide for our family, and enable their mother to stay with them.
For saying no.
For encouraging, expecting the best, bragging to everyone you see about your amazing family. . .
For more . . . but I can't cover it all here . . .

We honor you. We love you.

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