Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nature Calls

Nature finally won out. We knew it possibly would, we hoped it wouldn't.

Peeper died a gory death while we were out dining on pancakes.

Briz beautifully explained to our hysterical Ladybug that we can't hate Meoke for being what God made her to be. Ladybug demanded that Meoke be taught a lesson, but Briz persevered, gently holding her, reiterating that dogs are hunters and we took a chance bringing Peeper into our family.

Peeper ran away today. We could not find her. Meoke did. She played for a while, then played a bit too rough.

Ladybug sobbed and sobbed. "It's like losing my child." "Yes, Briz replied, at your age it is like losing your child." She picked a burial plot outside her window where she could look out and remember.
She chose a White Bell to plant over Peeper as a memorial.

After placing a final worm treat for Peeper in the dirt, we remembered Peeper's funny ducky ways and each offered a memory. Ladybug immediately went to work on a sculpture to remember her friend.

They immediately begged for more ducks or chickens. I blanched. "Absolutely NOT!"

Briz soothed. "Your Mother can't stand the pain of loss so she wants to keep it out of her life. I feel the pain but feel that it is still good for you to feel as well. We won't talk of it till your Mother's heart heals a little."

I suppose we must remember that sorrow is good for the seeds in child souls as well.

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  1. I am afraid "Nature calls" left the impression of going to the bathroom in my mind. Nice that it wasn't as I thought.