Monday, June 15, 2009

Chore Charts.

Summer has begun. Princesses wish to spend their days in front of the computer screen on Webkinz or watching TV. These are not healthy ways for bright strong sweet girls to spend all their time. Plus they get whiny and demanding. I know what they need. MORE WORK!!!

More work always entails a new system.

"Why?" Briz asks, "Are you creating a new system when we have several that have worked already?" Well, children are like us. We are seduced by novelty. All of us get bored of what works so we try new methods of study, of eating, and so forth. I combined three of our best systems for our summer chore chart, Miracle Music, Accountable Kids, and the token economy. Jobs and tasks are done for points. Points are spent in my store for items I would have just given them otherwise. I made a make shift store in our guest room, stocked with summer clothes and other items I have previously purchased for my children. Ladybug needed crickets for her frog. Great! 12 crickets are 100 points and there are plenty of ways to earn it. Another wants to go swimming for $2.00. Fantastic! 200 points can be easily earned in a morning. No problem.

So far, so good. Sunshine was the first to patronize my store. She was looking for a "weapon to squoot with." Little Mother soon followed, purchasing a summer dress. Not to be outdone, Ladybug earned hers in the nick of time for church.

Whining is down. Time spent training useful skills is up. I wonder if the novelty will last the summer or if I'll need a new system in a month or so? It doesn't matter. It works for today. That's good enough for me.

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