Saturday, June 13, 2009


Up. Up from where you are. Up from where you have been. Rise. Let the world around you lift you. Circumstances may pull you down, but you can choose to rise up.

Needless to say, I adored the movie, UP. The children did as well. I even shed a tear or two. I loved being reminded that the normal day to day things that may seem boring are the largest part of the adventure of life.

The ice cream cones, sitting side by side reading, holding hands, painting a room, celebrating a birthday, arguing and forgiving, watching the stars come out from our balcony, snuggling up on a lazy morning, coaching a soccer team, teaching someone to clean their room, the day in and day out of relationships is my grand adventure.

Recently, someone reminded me of my wanderlust and desire to experience new things. When asked where I wanted to live, I rehearsed past desires in my mind, then realized that I don't need a new location for excitement. My reality, which mainly takes place between four walls, is currently enough adventure for me. I am creating and building somthing that will last - and no day is quite like the next. Each relationship and person in my life are the balloons tied to me the pull me up, and up.
So today, I celebrate the ordinary adventures of our "boring" life here in our "boring" suburb. My entries in this journal are to record the beauty of these small experiences in my GREAT BOOK OF ADVENTURES. Some day when my children wonder what on earth their mom did all day and why she gave up so much to stay home and just be a mom, I want them to read my words, feel my enjoyment, and know that I truly felt my life with them and their Dad truly was an adventure. The adventure I chose and still choose over the rest.

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  1. What fun to celebrate the beauty of everyday life! An insiring post!