Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Growning Season

I love teaching my little ones about the harvest, the sacrifice of time, the patience, the care as we check for any bugs that have infested our crop. They balk at their daily weeding chore, but forget it all as they enjoy the rewards their two month sacrifice produces. Today, it is a perfect pea that has not been overindulged into obesity. Some will go into our Chicken Korma and the rest we will eat fresh on the table. Which will try harder not to smile? Which proud producer will try to take the credit for providing a treat for our family? I can't wait to watch and see.

Growing things is my business, my life's work. I don't expect to be the one who reaps the harvest however. Others will get to enjoy the fruit of my labors. I simply find joy in the growing process. I wonder if my head gardener smiles as he watches me take the credit for the growing crop . . . knowing he has put in most of the work.

I take comfort in the fact that it is my growing season as well. When I am infested with a particularly nasty bug, or shriveling from lack of water, I remember that its not time to pluck me off the vine yet. I have time to ripen and grow. So does Briz. So do my princesses.

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