Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Munchies

Ladybug and I are at home.  Alone.  Easter Weekend.  Family is playing in the warmth with extended family... egg hunts, hikes, swimming.

All of Ladybug's therapy assignments effect me too.  So in effect, we are both in therapy.  Many would say I need it, so I guess that $90 an hour is getting a bang for its buck.

My tasks are to bond, to maintain strict order, to refrain from any activity which Bug has not earned AND to have a wonderful weekend for me where I can recoup.  Uh... putting these conflicting goals together is hard work.

Nonetheless, we are completing all the assigned tasks.  Food isn't banned so we went to Costco and loaded up on my favorites... Wasabi cheese, Smoked Gouda, RiceWorks crackers, Jalapeno Yogurt dip, Veggies, Shrimp... AND, we are only eating in beautiful stimulating places, tonight that means my tea table.  Hey I'm celebrating within my boundaries.

Ladybug asked if the Queen ever did what we are doing with her daughters... she felt like a princess.  I said I doubted if they did that they had quite as much fun.


  1. Ladybugs and butterflies are both beautiful! Thank you for being you.

  2. I doubt too many people could make things as fun as you do!!