Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunrise Breakfast

I've always wanted to have a sunrise breakfast for Easter... ideally in the mountains where I could watch the sun come up and think about the resurrection. 

I am sick and need my sleep so we rose long after sunrise.  Not willing to give up my dream, Ladybug and I ate on my deck, simple fare, pesto eggs and grapefruit.  It did not matter that it was not fancy.  The birds chirped, the breeze was light, the cows and horses were frolicking the the field beneath us and it was quiet, special, beautiful, ours.  

We sang He is risen to all the animals that kept us company this morning. I guess all that mattered was that we were together, thinking of him... it was enough. 


  1. that is such a beautiful way to celebrate Easter! I'm jealous!! love you!