Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beach for What Ails You

The beach is magical.  The sun seeps in our starved skin and the vitamin D drugs us with a sense of well being.

Briz stares down anyone who oogles his strangly shaved chest, giving me the confidence to flaunt my opaque winter hide.  The children jump the waves, hand in hand, screaming in delighted terror.

Briz lies peacefully on the towel, manfully saying it is freeing that he is not able to participate in any water activity.  We inflate our giant volleyball and play boing-boing on the beach to the great disgust of the mostly naked strutting tan females who want the extra space to coyly waggle their hips at the happy football throwing bare-chested teens.  Ladybug occupies herself by discovering the hatching ground of minuscule transparent crabs. 

Little Mother and Sunshine dig like dogs till their every crevice is filled with grit.

After hours of sand creation, we pass through the swimming area, with its hamburger and hot dog grills, sand castles, and naked children peeing in the sand, through the surfing area with hundreds of wet suits dotting the waves,  old men with pony tales and young women with buzz cuts, muscular marines, and bleach blondes serious about their fun to the marine institute. 

A short 10 minute walk north of La Jolla past the board walk and we are practicly alone.  Alone to frolic and play among the rocks and tide pools, we watch the little water creatures squirt.

We scale countless rocks covered with oyster beds hidding emerald crabs with ruby red claws.  The magic of discovery leads us on and on till we find our own private beach.  Caught up in creatures, Briz forgot his infirmity until it was time to return.

With backs burned and feet blistered, we happily eat fabulous Mexican in Old Town, San Diego.

May I say AWESOME?  Plus, I don't like Mexican.  Then we returned for the obligatory hotel swim in the dark - yes, it was a highlight for the kids.


  1. We are thrilled that you were able to share a glorious family trip. It feels like we should be seeing you going or coming since you are in CA. (sigh) Maybe next year. (Could we set a date in August?)

  2. Wonderful that you can be sharing a trip to the sunshine together!! It seems like we should be seeing you either going or coming. Maybe next year. (Should we set a date for next August?)

  3. Very nice shore people description. And you're wearing my suit. Or one like one I can't wear, but you can, and that's some consolation.
    And I can eat nice Old Town vicariously via your description, and that's consoling , too.

  4. So sad you weren't able to say hello. But it sounds like a wonderful trip.

  5. also sad we couldn't meet up with you - but you make san diego sound so much better than it. really is! and yes, I see that opaque Utah winter hide. Love how you captured so many creatures and people in your pictures and words! good one!!