Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hero Worship

To complement our Book of Mormon Reading, each girl picked a hero poster for her room.  We are providing our Primary children with scripture hero trading cards, along with their scripture reading log.  Ladybug picked a young women of courage... I probably should have insisted on a real hero, but it is beautiful.  Little Mother picked Helaman and the 2,000 warriors.  I think she likes having a scantily clad buff man picture in her room, but hey, it's better than Justin Timberlake.  Sunshine picked Mary, because she also has blueberry eyes. 

I love heroes.  Sure they can let you down if you expect too much of them, but if you just look to see what you can gain and leave the rest, they make wonderful friends to have.  I keep a council of them in my head for difficult situations.  I have to imagine their responses to my dilemas but they give me great council. 

This year, I am going to fill my little one's heads with heroes and heroines.  I want to fill their little brain councils with noble friends.  This morning we began with Enoch.  How can you not love self effacing amazing Enoch.  What kind of teacher could turn a whole city into such goodness?  The only thing I know that can work miracles like that is love.  He must have had a lot of it. 

Who is your hero?  Pick one or two new ones to add to your collection this year.  They make excellent friends. 


  1. I like the one Sunshine picked.

  2. hmm . . . ladybug picked an amazing hero! In this day and age where the world is so scary and he who shall not be named is so readily out there poking at every one of us, a young woman who can truly stand up strong in all that is something so hard to find . . . but I see what you mean about a REAL hero. find a woman like that in those Book of Mormon stories - perhaps Abish or even Ruth

  3. to actually put a name to your young woman of courage . . . or you can give her an everyday name or one of one of your heroes - Haylie or Holly or even Ivy oooh, how about Vylette! perfect Heroine names! and you can think of these individuals attributes for courage of your own!