Sunday, January 2, 2011

Go Rams!

The Rams made the playoffs.  That may not mean much to me, but it means a great deal to a grown up little boy who wore a Rams helmet at the age of three.  Immediately he plans a party, which really just includes us, his girls, and his little brother, another loyal fan.  He buys ingredients for his favorite soup, and as I am too weak to cook, chops and stirs with Mitch to create dinner.  Saddly, he realizes he has no paraphanelia to wear for this momentous occasion. 

His little princesses note his sadness and go to work.  With the help of paper, tape and markers, soon Little Mother has all of us outfitted with Go Rams! hats and pendants. 

Sated with Super Bowl Soup, cheese ball, avocado dip, and Lil Smokies, the die hard fans and the three little ones who desperately want to please plop down to cheer on their fight.  I am supposed to be resting, But it is a bit hard when I hear "Man!  That is unbelievable."  or "No!  No!  No!"  yelled at full volume from the family room.  Yet for all the despair, I hear joy in the voice of my husband.  He is watching his team with his family in Rams paraphernalia.  Win or Lose, All is right with the world. 

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  1. a romantic at heart, even football can be romantic.