Friday, January 14, 2011

Are You Ready for A Life Change?

January often brings post holiday blah syndrome.  I like to give this hibernating, slow time meaning by ramping up my goals, and setting myself up for change.  Sweet Briz had a meeting with the family, distributed little planners to everyone, and had the yearly goal discussion.  I had already set my yearly goals... in September, so for me, it was a good opportunity to detail and shimmy my current plan. 

At Education Week, I entered a class where numerous sharp women were clustered around the previous speaker and her posters.  Instinctively, I saved my chair, then made my way up to join the crowd.  They were ogling a vision board.  I found the speakers name, then after my class went to the annex to find any books by her.  Are You Ready for a Life Change?  found its way into my basket and into my life. It is a simple short book with step by step details on how to make change a reality. 

My tendency is to focus on areas of my life that are dragging me down or driving me crazy.  Bahram Akradi changed my mind about that.  He suggested the following.  "Imagine that you're interviewing candidates for a really great, important job - the job of improving your life.  Really, of course, you'll be interviewing various parts of yourself, gauging your own willingness readiness to embrace change.  "Thanks for applying for this opportunity as a major force for change in my life.  Now I'd like to ask you a few questions:  What makes you interested in doing this job?  Why does it matter to you?  What's your long-term vision for how things will change if we're seccessful?  What are the first steps and small daily changes you'd like to begin with?  What obstacles do you think you'll encounter?  And what new skills or support will you need in order to succeed?" 

I hired 3 candidates, organization, relationships, and my health.  Then I divided up the year into 3 sections, where each candidate could do their best to improve my life.  This new year's section is for health. (Really it was supposed to me the final section, but since my health is sooooo poor right now, it would be pointless to work on anything else.  

My health decided it needed to improve in different ways each month:
1.  Strong mind/ immune system
2.  Proper nutrition
3.  Strong Body

Each week I accomplish the focus in  specific way and build new habits.  To maintain my vision, I have hung my vision board in my room and read it daily.  To ensure accountability, I will write about my weeks.  So, sorry... I'll be writing a lot about health for the next 3 months. 

Here's to a new year and a life change!


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  1. To life! and I don't know how long you've had these beautiful books up as background, but LOvE it! I usually read your blog on my google reader so I miss that and I miss the commenting.