Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sajjad will fly home tomorrow.  He carries a BYU t-shirt and hat, Utah Truffles, numerous Bath and Body products, Dove Chocolate, a picture of the first presidency, and a Suzuki level one piano book.  He left behind a soccer ball, a coconut, three devoted little sisters, and a bit of his wonder on the world we inhabit.  We opened his eyes to enormous strip mines,fast food ice cream, astronautic, endless galaxies and three dimensional glasses.  He opened our eyes to see a 27 year old pioneer, leading a branch of 272 in a country that has known the restored gospel for eleven years, a 14 hour plane trip to attend the temple, families that overcome choking tobacco habits of 3 packs a day, fiances that travel close to 24 hours by plane to buoy up their  partner, innocence, and courage. 

On two continents, the world has become a bit smaller, and fear has evaporated.,   A piece of us goes to Pakistan, and a bit of Pakistan stays with us.  Perhaps, Obama should burn a chicken for Osama Bin Ladin, and take him to a 3-D movie and watch the enfolding mysteries of the universe together.  Bonding occurs in such experiences.  We are all so much the same. 


  1. You always seem to meet and know the neatest people.

  2. how did you come to meet this guy? and how neat this must have been. are some people really as scary as they seem? yes, some people are, but not all. what a fantastic teaching tool for those three sisters!