Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Push it to the limit

Little Mother can scrap soccer with kids twice her size.  Her skills are less than perfect but her tenacity, drive, and determination make up for her occasional kick in the wrong direction.  Sure, we like it when she scores a goal, but we cheered the hardest last week when she blocked two goals, injured and limping.  

Each morning as we drive, Briz, the voice of seasoned athletics, coaches on mental toughness.  "Everyone gets tired.  But, your body can always do a little more.  Push to the limit.  Then you know you've given it your all."

I just finished a book on teaching called "Teach like your Hair's on Fire."  To me, it was half inspiration, half onset of depression.  I despaired that my children did not and would not have teachers like Rafe Esquith that inspired them to reach their full potential.  A nagging thought whispered that while they would not get him as a teacher, they did have me as a mother.  Certainly I could try to accomplish in eighteen years what Rafe accomplishes in one school year.  I began listing.  What could I start now that would make the best use of the time I've been given?  

Last night after dinner, I dragged my feet on family home evening.  Briz was out  late.  Trial prep has kept him busy this last week.  Days without my tag team partner have left me wiped out.  I thought I could skip just this once.  What difference would it make if we had it tomorrow?  At least no prep work... maybe a movie.  

Unbidden, I thought that this was time I had... I was lazy.  If I were in a soccer game, I'd be asking for a drink break and a nap.  We tell Little Mother to reach deep. . . there is always more energy.  

We discussed Kohlberg's six levels of moral development then played dominos.   

We aren't reaching nirvana yet, but sunshine pops up.  "I'm doing my dishes for a wewawd.  That's level one thinking.  I can do betto.  I'll do it to make you happy.  That's level 5."  Every moment, every day counts.  Little Mother and her soccer coach would be proud. 


  1. wow I could take a lesson out of your book. Did FHE with a planned lesson and all and still wanted to walk out of the room after one boy screamed, one was having a pouting fit thinking what's the point! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. I felt inspired reading this. thanks for sharing! I often have to remind my spouse that 'every little bit counts' when he comes home and the messy house hasn't made any progress... except for my little work in one room is ALMOST clean. :)

  3. Midodi> GREAT POST!! How many times in my day, do I run across the opportunity to reach deeper; and dont. SKIP or PASS that extra break or drink or treat (literally) that I think I NEED; and never do skip it. *Try Harder.* *Thats my takeaway tonight, so thank you. I need to try harder. There is much to ponder in this post....including the talk of wewawds. What a great example, to others, your children, your husband, to me. All I can say is, keep up the good work, because regardless of those "days" that you "dont" post, perhaps some of the "down" days even.....you're doing a good job. Teaching by example? ABSOLUTELY you are. Brings to mind...Where much is given....much is required. A reoccurring theme in MY life the last xx amount of weeks: FAMILY, it is all about family. Its about the memories, the experiences, I'm sure I've said it before to you....its about all the little things that make the big thing. You're good at that one. We are RICH. WE ARE RICHER than Rich. We have the gospel, spouses, all of our parents still with us, our siblings, (kids in your case!) the list goes on. Our Father is proud, I'm confident. Just keep doing what youre doing. ~B.

  4. It reminds me of a part in Preach my gospel that teaches us how to define our success (as a miss. or otherwise). True. true.

  5. I always love to hear your inspiring thoughts.
    I'd sure love having you nearby to be inspired by more often. And you're just enjoyable to listen to whatever.

    Some of that must come from your parents. When I'm wanting to hear some great inspiring things to help me be more and re-energize, I always go to your parents and viset. They don't know but they're such a strength to me. You're definatly their daughter.