Sunday, April 18, 2010

The first Sun of the Year

After church I went upstairs to slip into something a little more comfortable.  The bed looked inviting, so I thought I'd lay down for just a minute.  Pyewackit curled up by my nose and I lay listening to the happy noises of children and the occasional squauk.  At some point, the noises subsided and my consciousness reduced to an occasional purr and movement from my bed companion.  When she jumped down, my eyes opened.  Five hours had passed. Evening was well underway.   I found Briz watching nature shows, Ladybug tidying the kitchen, but Little Mother and Sunshine were nowhere to be found.  From an upstairs window I  found my lost sunbathers. While I was sleeping, Briz went to pick up a cast off sofa for our basement.  My little ones decided it was the perfect location for a sun bathing expedition.  Clad in bathing suits, and shaded with ambiance, they gave the neighborhood quite a show.   A passing neighbor helped haul the chair in.  Briz declined his help with the sofa because he was reluctant to disturb the vacationers. 

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