Monday, April 5, 2010

Just when you think they're not Listening

Most of the time, raising children seems to be a slog up hill through opposite racing rapids.  One step forward, two steps back.  It seems that the only things those little eyes and ears remember seeing and hearing are the bad stuff, the bad examples you've set, or the times you've lost your cool.  Therefore, some moments are just priceless. 

Briz and I plugged the radio in outside and weeded for the Saturday sessions of conference.  The youngest two were in St. George, so we didn't push Ladybug to join us.  We went in for a quick drink.  There we found Ladybug, in her reverence tent with the door facing "King Benjamin"as we have done in the past.  She was quietly singing with the choir, "We Thank thee oh God for a Prophet."

HOPE!  Maybe something good we say or do sticks! 

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