Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One small table

I organized my study.  Since we are not home schooling this year, I had no need for the small table by the computers.  I moved it out into the kitchen/breakfast nook.  I wasn't sure what I'd do with it there but there was plenty of room.  I envisioned the extra seating when friends come over, or perhaps a place to craft while I worked on dinner. 

I am reminded of the line in the old Kevin Costner film, "If you build it they will come."  Yes, I did build this table - but I'm thinking along different lines.  That table has not seen a break in the three days it's location has changed.  It has hosted many fine craft parties, "school" sessions and homework assignments.  But it's premier use has been as a cafe table.  This morning alone, it has seen breakfast, hot cocoa break, snacks, and lunch.  The table seems to have an ability to inspire the little ones to cook, create, and cook.  The china cabinet creaks from so much use as they appropriate goblets, china, tablecloths, cloth napkins, or artificial flowers for their current meal. 

Yes, I want to take an axe to the table right now.  The salad dressing is about gone due to chefs floating their salad on it.  My lemon and lime juice are seriously depleted because they have tried to copy their mother and have gained a taste for lemon water.  Chores such as cleaning out the kitchen sink are neglected for the weightier matter of continual cleaning and polishing of their table. 

The table has been here all year!  Why the joy?  AAAHHHH!  Oh well.  Far be it from me to begrudge such an imagination stimulating piece of wood.  As long as my lemon juice stays stocked. 




And again.

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  1. my little table must be awaiting little chairs to get it's due use.