Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventure Friday

Today was Adventure Friday.  One of our adventures took us to a place where we could connect to dreams of the future.    Another of our adventures took us to a place where we could reconnect and reenact the past.

We took the girls to a junior national speed skating final (FREE).

Though the action only held their attention for a mere half hour, we learned much from the visit.  What causes people to go into skating or anything else for that matter?  What possibilities are available to each of us that we may not even have thought of?  We watched the athletes warm up, the judges wander with their stop watches, the family members shout out their support and the different racers give their all each heat.

Our life view expanded as we experienced something new (to us at least). 

In our small town's museum (also FREE), we remembered values that are important to us, and those we'd rather not hold on to.  The girls  chose groceries, weighed produce, rang up items,  and practiced using polite words.

We warmed at the sense of community our little town once had as we read, "Babies Weighed For Free" on the side of the grocers scales.  I thought it was a joke, but was told that mothers monitored their babies this way, before well child checks and household scales.  I imagined communities bonded by mutual need, helping each other survive in difficult times. 

The little women also organized themselves into a school, complete with readers, handwriting practice, math and visual aids.  I sat outside the room on a sofa, arranging my day plan when I looked through the window and caught Little Mother administering corporal punishment to her dear friend's hands with a switch.

"What are you doing?"  I ask as I rush in.  "This is how the teachers used to teach," they calmly replied and the punishment continued.  Hmmm.  I'll skip that part of education.

Inspired by the activities of the day, the two grownups, Mel and I, dreamed, and discussed.  We decided we were not great at skating or any one thing because neither of us is willing to pay the price, especially at this time.  Great books, fabulous quilts, moving oration could possibly exist in an alternate reality, but not with our current choices.  There is NO WAY I am willing to relegate my true passion to the background.  Startled, I realize that somewhere in the last 11 years, my passion has become the growth of little people.  I love words, food, entertaining, speaking, art, organization, cleanliness, and creation.  But ... I am PASSIONATE about mothering.  It is a jealous art, not willing to share time and space with another passion at this time.   

Last night, my friend Amy presented me with a handmade necklace of symbols that to her represented me.  I loved mine last night, but today, I realize her insight into what makes me tick.  Amy told me the green symbolizes life, the tree is a symbol of growth, growing things, shading others.  All I want to do is give life.and help others live it more fully... ... first to my little people, then to my friends and acquaintances.  

I wear my necklace today, with deeper self knowledge.  Today, I am not plagued with the never-ending question women ask, "who am I really, what am I good at, what am I really for?" Tomorrow, I may need to remember the skaters, and look at my necklace. 

Today, I am not a gem, a crown, a great talent, or any other of the wonderful symbols Amy gave her other friends.  I am a tree to climb, to shade.  I offer life giving oxygen.  I am a tree that reaches deep for strength and high for sunlight and warmth.  I think I like that.  It's not glamorous, but it's true.  Self discovery is always fun.  It's been an adventure Friday for me too.


  1. what a fantastic day full of great learning! and how fulfilling to get a reminder of who you really are. i think that your friend amy is very insightful and coined you to a 't' . . . you do care for others and shade them with protection from the harsh sun, people and things out there - with arms outstretched upward you get your own strength and share all you have with others. not only do you care for growth physically, but with the emotional things and spiritual ones as well. i am glad that you are my sister and have shared all this with me in helping me to grow as well. thank you! i love you!